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<FAQ> - Central Asia Cultures

Central Asia Cultures

With Us, The World Is More Interesting...

Dear Friends:

Our fascinating and colorful presentations, special programs and workshops on Central Asia have been well-received by many museums, universities, historical societies, libraries, clubs, schools, and photography associations over the past few years. We would be delighted to customize them for your audience!

What does your cultural presentation/program include?

It includes an introduction to the amazing history of Central Asia and the Silk Road; its cultures and traditions and magnificent historical sights. There will be a powerpoint/slide show on the rich traditions of the Silk Road, with photographs, displays of national costumes, handicrafts, silks and spices, music and dance as well as a demonstration of the Uzbek Tea ceremony and wedding customs.

How long is your presentation?

Presentations last from one to two hours. However, our workshops can be given for half day and full day (often requested by museums and cultural festivals).

What are the fees?

Our customized cultural presentation can either offer a wide overview or be focused on a particular topic or subject area such as history, nature and the environment, cuisine, music, festivals, religion, applied and decorative arts, architecture or the revival of national heritage with Independence. Most presentations start from 0. Half or full day workshops can be arranged very reasonably. To discuss the fees please contact us.

What programs do you offer for universities?

We can tailor our presentations to fit your curriculum needs. We can offer musical performances, talks on Central Asian history, cultures and destinations, the region post-Independence, exhibitions of Central Asian handicrafts, a celebration of Navruz/Noruz (Spring festival) and even language instruction.

What other topics are available?

This list is by no means finite! If you have an interest, then we have the answers - please let us know. Our range of presentations are tailored to your audience and enhanced with traditional and everyday artifacts, music, costuming and handicrafts.
  • The Cultures and History of Silk Road Countries
  • Jewish Heritage of Uzbekistan
  • Art, Music and Dance
  • Archaeological, Academic Excavations & Research
  • Natural Wonders, Flora & Fauna of Central Asia
  • Silk and Sericulture
  • The Pearls of Uzbekistan – the ancient cities of Uzbekistan
  • The Revival of Ancient Crafts and Traditions in Central Asia
  • Golden Road to Samarkand – history and today in this fabulous city
  • Famous People of the East
  • Ancient Architecture of Central Asia
  • Ancient Architecture of Central Asia
  • Follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo

What does “Jewish Heritage of Uzbekistan” include?

This is one of our most popular topics. There are centuries-old pockets of Jewish peoples throughout Central Asia. Subtopics include: history, culture and traditions of Bukharian and Ashkenazi Jews , Synagogues of Central Asia, Cuisine , Bukhori language, Music, Literature and Dance including a special dance program.

Do you teach language during your cultural programs?

Yes! Language is an insight into culture and we teach important words and phrases along with the etiquette involved in personal interaction: greetings, thanking, leave-taking, partaking of hospitality and other important expressions. If you are interested in gaining some fluency in one of the Central Asian languages contact us and we can arrange private lessons for you.

We have a cooking group and are interested in learning Central Asia cuisine.

We can arrange a cooking demonstration for groups up to about 30, space providing. We will show you what goes into a traditional Uzbek meal; Pilaf, samsa, lagman and manti. You can enjoy learning about famous Uzbek hospitality and enjoy the rich, savoury foods of the region.

We have a travel club and would like to learn about Central Asia.

We can prepare travel, photography and music organizations who wish to go to Central Asia for their extraordinary journey on the Silk Road. Call to request detailed information.

Do you teach Uzbek dances?

During the presentation anyone can dance with our performers! If you would like to learn traditional Uzbek and other Central Asian dances we can provide you with professionals for private lessons.

Can we buy any of the items that you display?

If you request this option when booking your presentation, we can invite artisans to display and sell their items at the end of the program. Scarves and embroidery are the most requested.

How far in advance must presentations be booked?

At least a month in advance is optimal.

Will you bring your own equipment?

Yes, we bring our own computer as well as CD player and microphone if these are not available at your organization.