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< “Kashkar” Silk Road cuisine – A Taste of Central Asia in Brooklyn, New York

Kashkar (Kashgar) is one of the ancient cities of the Great Silk Road. Located in the western part of China, it borders Kyrgyzstan. For centuries people of different cultures and countries met at the trading centers of Kashgar and exchanged not only goods but also ideas, opinions, knowledge and cuisine. Travelers were warmly welcomed by the local people and treated to Uyghur, Kyrgyz, Kazakh and Uzbek hospitality. Now the tradition endures across continents and thousands of years later.

In 2003, in Brooklyn, New York, Khosiyatkhon, a native of the region opened the “Kashkar" café. Featuring traditional Central Asia and Uygur the restaurant has been widely reviewed for its tasty and affordable menu.

At Kashkar you can try popular Uzbek and Uygur food: spiced rice pilaf, savory samsa lamb pastries, grilled lamb chops and chicken kebab, manti dumplings, dymlama, rich chuchwara soup, fresh noodles and holy bread. Wonderful spices create rich, dense flavors and aromatic green tea tops off your meal.

Kashkar Café, 271 Brighton Beach Ave., Brooklyn, NY. http://kashkarcafe.com/

For client presentations, we can arrange to have food as an additional component!