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Central Asia Cultures

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One of the most exciting experiences for a traveler to the Silk Road is a traditional bazaar.

In a world where business transactions have become virtually devoid of human contact, Central Asian bazaars remind us of how vibrant and exciting commerce can be. The bazaars are no mere collection of shops. They have always been a dynamic center of the community, a place where goods and produce as well as ideas, news, philosophies, culture and politics are traded.

Here, people still trade in the open air and bargaining is a way of life. Goods are displayed on the ground or in stalls. These bazaars have always been central to life in cities along the Silk Road. They are organized into different sections depending on the type of goods you’re looking for. You can find anything here - from fresh fruits and vegetables to fine jewelry and gold embroidery, hand-tempered knives, handmade musical instruments, ceramic bowls and painted cradles. Every item is offered by salespeople who can tell you how it is grown, where it is made or all the intricate details of its history.