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Central Asia Cultures

With Us, The World Is More Interesting...

Zulya RajabovaExperience the thrill of travel with Zulya Rajabova – from your own comfortable seat!

From a land of unparalleled natural beauty let the treasures of the Silk Road come to you; the flamboyant silk dress of a Central Asian bride, the breath of centuries of civilization, soaring minarets against an azure sky, geometric patterns on a red, hand-loomed carpet and ceramic tessellations on monuments to the past. Feel the lumber and sway of a camel, the rush of ground under equine hoofbeats and take in the bustling sights and sounds of an exotic bazaar. Enjoy haunting music, traditional dance and the ritual tea ceremony. Feel the warmth of fresh “non” bread from the tandir oven and the embracing hospitality of Central Asia. Participate in one of our presentations and adventure through the wonder that is Central Asia.

Our range of presentations are tailored to your audience and enhanced with traditional and everyday artifacts, music, costuming and handicrafts; Silks, carpets, embroidery, and jewelry, along with photographs of stunning mountain ranges, glittering alpine lakes and vast stretches of steppe and desert – we have everything but the camel!

Audiences will gain an understanding of the history, geography, language, culture and traditions of this center of civilization. Caravans and travelers, wild mountain horsemen and traders carried the legends of Alexander The Great, Roxanna, Marco Polo, Genghis Khan and Tamerlane.

Registan Square, Samarkand

For those who are interested in a purely educational experience, you’ll enjoy learning about this fascinating land first-hand, about its ancient history and legendary traditions. This multi-sensory presentation can offer a wide overview or be focused on a particular topic or subject area such as history, nature and the environment, culture, music, festivals, religion, applied and decorative arts, architecture or the revival of national heritage with Independence.

Let us inform and entertain you. We help make the world a smaller place with the irrepressible hospitality of the people of Central Asia. We can also provide full or half day workshops and seminars, teleconferences or half hour conference calls.

Central Asia Dance Central Asia Map

For others wishing to travel to Central Asia, there is a program to prepare travelers for the opportunities available to them. Valuable background information on the sights to see and best places to go will be covered. Historical, adventure, eco-friendly, religious, shopping or just sight-seeing, its our pleasure to ensure that our guests get the most out of their trip by being so well prepared ahead of time.